Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My brainshark

  Brainshark is a great website for anyone to make a short presentation about themselves,best places, activities..etc. Teachers can refer students to use this nice website to introduce themselves at eary classes or to discuss some short topics in form of 5 minute presentation. Photos, musical background, and the actual voice of students used in Brainshark can really make language class more fun, interactive and at the same time improve language communicative skills. Brainshrk is user-friendly website which allows students to work smoothely with.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Well, this is another online project  offering a much  nicer tool to present information. Basically you can create your presentation in the form of a real book. The boring traditional paragraphs answering typical questions like "  who i s your favourite actor or place , etc, Describe your favourite place ....etc" are now over ! Students can choose from a wide range of photos and paste comments to their much exciting presentation :)

 Here is an example

Just like any other Internet website, we should be cautious when presenting it to our student for when surfing inappropriate materials.  As a language teacher, I believe such a website would be effective in outside classroom activities as well. It,more or less, encourages autonomy ; students  can  voluntary try it out and ,hence, get more language exposure, in an interesting way though ;)


This website is a tool to create stripes using photos from You start searching images for places, people or activities you like to check photos of. You can add bubbles to offer more information about photos. The very interesting thing about Bubblr is the great amount of photos and the fact that you do not have to worry much about copyright issues .I believe it can be used as a good interactive tool in class especially for homework . The drawback of this website might arise from the possibility of showing inappropriate photos for students. So, this kind of websites should be used under teachers' supervision . However, I do not really like the way strips are presented , I think it is dull!. Anyway, the whole point of this site is to get students choose from a massive collection of photos and add comments, so it is not that bad ;)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


A very good site for  group work inside or outside class. It can be used as a discussion activity; students can answer a question via posting comments. One srawback of it is that it looks messy sometimes, otherwise, it is a very good interactive tool.


This site can be used to create a short animation. I believe it can be used in language classes as a lesson and as homework as well. Adding dialogue helps practicing and improving grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure.

well, this is just a trial :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Learning Chocolate

I believe that interactive websites make learning languages fun rather than a tiresome task. Learning Chocolate is a site designed to help students memorize English, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) or Spanish vocabulary in an easy, fun way that really works. This site more or less promotes learner's autonomy to a reasonable extent . Learning vocabulary is a very significant basic step in learning any language and it can be achieved autonomously. The exercises offered in Learning Chocolate use pictures, sounds and games to make learning a new language "as fun as enjoying a piece of chocolate!". Students start reviewing the vocabulary of the language chosen, then they can play up to 5 fun games to test what they can remember. These games cover vocabulary of many areas ranging from basic , animals, body, sports, hobbies, entertainment and others. When students play these games , they memorize words, focus on spelling as well as on pronunciation. "Practice makes perfect" is the principle employed in this site since activities are based on repetition. Students can follow Learning Chocolate on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I advise Learning Chocolate  to students between 6-13 but adults can also have a enjoyable  learning experience using it :)

Wanna have a quick look ?